Corpo Azul  

Interactive Performance/ installation

InShadow Festival 2019
23th november 2019  h19
Galeria OTOCO  Lisbon

“When myths say Gods have blue hair or blue bodies, they have. The Gods live in a blue place of metaphor”

Corpo Azul is a living installation that invites the public to interact and play with a gesture that turns into a breathing matter, an organism that imagines.


Projeto Indígena

Photo exhibition and Performance

13th april 2019 h21  Galeria Arte Graça  Lisbon

“You understand that you have in yourself flocks of oxen, flocks of sheep, and flocks of goats. You understand that there are also birds of the sky in you. You understand that you are another world in small, and that in you there are the sun, the moon, and even the stars “Origen lii century AD

The creation “Indigena” is inspired by the creative material which has been collec­ted during the last year in a series of individual intensive sessions. The artist documented the deep imaginations of twenty participants by making portraits and pictures of their dance improvisations and recording their stories with audio ar­chives. During these private classes, Maddalena Ugolini blindfolded the participants and invited their imagination into a creative scenery: enter a big house composed of four rooms, each a world strong with a colour, then embody and dance the ima­ges that come up in each world. After taking off the blindfold they were asked to paint the journey on their faces, using them as their travel diaries, an open window to the colours of their deep fantasies.

“havia muita água. e havia a possibilidade de ficar sempre dentro da água. dava para respirar”Filipa aula individual 12.11.18

Indígena is an initiation, a rite of passage, an act of self manifestation.