ALBA  Performance/ living installation

InShadow Festival 2021
Livreria Ler Devagar,  LX FactoryLisbon

Artistic Direction Maddalena Ugolini
Performers: Grupo Imaginal

Videoinstallation and Light design : Peppe Coniglio and Fabio Baldo
Soundscape: Timoteo Grignani

Alba is a gesture that falls into the world. It is a story carved by hand with clay that is born and dies constantly with it. Alba is the instant before birth, the word on the tip of your tongue, the moment before the jump, the life that appears in the infinite space between two bodies. Alba is a spacious passion, a compassion that lets things unfold, cares for, lightens, glimpses the iridescence, the glow, the dawn.


ALBA Short Documentary about “Alba” creation. Dança Imaginal Residency 2021.

InShadow Festival 2021
Galeria Santa Catarina  Lisbon

Concept : Maddalena Ugolini
Filming /editing: Peppe Coniglio


ILIÁ  Short Documentary. Dança Imaginal Residency 2020.

InShadow Festival 2020
Galeria Santa Catarina  Lisbon

Concept : Maddalena Ugolini
Filming /editing: Peppe Coniglio

“Connaître est co-naître”To know is to be born with, born together with what I see, to have an experience of the beginning of things, their continuous surge. Ilià is a place, a home to return to, an amorous encounter with nature, a movement of wonder, a fruitful gaze, an appointment with the sky. Ilià is Being-in-the-world, paradox and consolation.


TAKE ME SOMEWHERE NICE   Performance/ videoinstallation

March 2020, Galeria Vera Cortês, Lisbon

Concept /performance: Maddalena Ugolini
Filming /editing: Maddalena Ugolini

Things being as they were, I decided, like Palomar, to limit myself to look, keeping me close to what I could see and to the immediate ideas that things suggested in me.
“The greater part of the soul is outside the body.” (Sendivogius)


CORPO AZUL Interactive Performance/ installation

InShadow Festival 2019
Galeria OTOCO and Galeria Vera Cortez, Lisbon.

Concept /choreography: Maddalena Ugolini
Performers: Grupo Imaginal

“When myths say Gods have blue hair or blue bodies, they have. The Gods live in a blue place of metaphor” Corpo Azul is a living installation that invites the public to interact and play with a gesture that turns into a breathing matter, an organism that imagines.


INDIGENA Photo exhibition and Performance

April 2019   Galeria Arte Graça,  Lisbon

Concept /choreography/ photography: Maddalena Ugolini
Performers: Grupo Imaginal

“You understand that you have in yourself flocks of oxen, flocks of sheep, and flocks of goats. You understand that there are also birds of the sky in you. You understand that you are another world in small, and that in you there are the sun, the moon, and even the stars “Origen lii century AD

The creation “Indigena” is inspired by the creative material which has been collec­ted during the last year in a series of individual intensive sessions. The artist documented the deep imaginations of twenty participants by making portraits and pictures of their dance improvisations and recording their stories with audio ar­chives.

“havia muita água. e havia a possibilidade de ficar sempre dentro da água. dava para respirar”Filipa aula individual 12.11.18